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Ellen Hayes
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The Tuck Saga
Debbie was a young enterpreneur who loves making money, by any means. Tucker would do anything for her, including a little Halloween makeover that would guarantee them the prize money. Little did they know, but what started out as a harmless money making scheme, would present changes that would affect Tuck for the rest of his life...
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Tuck Season, Wabbit Season, Tuck Season
Tuck's parental units meant well when they signed him up for a summer camp to help him boost his self esteem and confidence, however Tuck saw it more as a one way train ticket to his eminent demise amongst the inmates at the Outward Bounds boot camp he foresaw. Sometimes fate and chaos seem to play games with our lives, leaving Tuck in a situation that would almost appear to be tailor made for his particular talents...

An Alternate Tuck Universe set in the Seasons Manor Universe originated by Joel Lawrence

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Who Is Tuck?
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